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The Otsego Police Department welcomes you! Hopefully you will find our web page informative and interesting. If there are other items you'd like to see here, please drop us a line to let us know. You can reach us by mail, phone/fax or email:

127 Court St., Otsego MI 49078
Phone: 269-692-6111    FAX: 269-692-3478

Job Opportunities

Click to follow this for employment opportunities with the City of Otsego Police Department.

Police Technology

Our Department is fortunate to have a wide range of the latest technological equipment at our disposal.

All of our patrol cars have in-car video cameras which record both audio and video. The patrol cars are also equipped with mobile data terminals (MDTs), which are in-car computers that allow officers to run checks on driving records and wanted persons directly from the car. Also each patrol car is equipped with bi-directional radars. These radars can clock vehicles from front, rear, opposite or same direction as the parol vehicle.

We recently upgraded our MDT's to color laptop computers. This allows us to transmit photographs and fingerprints to the patrol units out on the road.

Traffic Enforcement

Traffic safety is a big part of our job in Otsego. We have purchased a radar speed sign to promote awareness to drivers and their speed. Our officers issued approximately 900 traffic violations and gave out over 900 warnings to motorists during the year.

A very important part of our traffic safety program is safety belt and child restraint enforcement. We have a handy guide (shown below) that outlines the restraint laws that drivers are responsible to comply with that can be accessed by clicking here.

House Watch

If you are going on a vacation or a trip where you will be away from your home for an extended period of time, please let us know so we can keep an eye on your home. There is a short form for you to complete with emergency contacts, dates and time you will be away that can be accessed by clicking here. Please fill out the form and drop it off at the police department before you leave.

Department Personnel / Administration Staff

Name Serving
Email Responsibilities
Chief Gordon Konkle 2001 EMAIL Chief of Police
Sgt. Kenneth Worstell 1972 EMAIL Supervisor
Officer Steve Pegg 1974 EMAIL Patrol/Technical Support
Detective Bruce Beckman 1977 EMAIL Department Investigator
Officer Len Borgman 1977 EMAIL Patrol Officer
Officer Aaron LaLone 2007 EMAIL Patrol Officer
Officer Michael Gudith 2006 EMAIL Patrol Officer
Officer Dekota Tatrow 2014 EMAIL Part-Time Patrol
Officer Ryan Rewa 2014 EMAIL Part-Time Patrol
Dispatcher Lisa Rickli 2001 EMAIL Secretary\Dispatcher

Area Phone Numbers

Silent Observer: 1-800-554-3633
Allegan Country Central Dispatch: 1-269-673-3899
Allegan Sheriff Dept.: 1-269-673-0500
Wayland State Police: 1-269-792-2213

News & More

The "Agenda" (Otsego's Newsletter) contains valuable information regarding parking restrictions, trash and brush pickup, and more. Plus a special section by Chief Konkle ... The Police Beat.


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