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Sorry for the inconvenience .. our email is temporarily off line. If you need to reach us, please call City Hall 269.692.3391.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Type of Emergency Phone
Police - Emergencies Only 911
Police Department Business Calls 692-6111
Fire - Alarms Only 911
Fire Department Business Calls 692-3391
Mercy Ambulance 685-6172
Pipp Community Hospital 685-6811

City of Otsego Departments

Dept/Name Phone
City Manager Aaron Mitchel
City Clerk Angela Cronen692-3391
City Treasurer Matthew Storbeck692-2741
Economic Development Director Dave Rayman694-6146
Fire Chief Brandon Weber 694-4390
Police Chief Gordon Konkle 692-6111
Public Works Superintendent Mike Bosch 694-6636
Wastewater Treatment Superintendent Luke Keyzer 694-9194
Building, Mechanical & Electrical Inspection
by Professional Code Inspection
City Assessor Kevin Harris 269-663-3057