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Angela Cronen

Angela Cronen
Angela Cronen

Jamie Jameson
Jamie Jameson

My name is Angela Cronen, the City Clerk for the City of Otsego. I initially was hired in 1993, as the Accounts Receivable Specialist, and in 1995, became the Utility Billing Clerk/Deputy City Clerk. I then was appointed the City Clerk, by the City Commission in September 1998, after the retirement of Paula Baker. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Clerk's Office at 269-692-3391.

Since the Village of Otsego was incorporated into the City of Otsego in 1918, there have been 10 City Clerks. This office provides many services to the citizens of our city. All official records of the City are organized, labeled and filed with the City Clerk. Many of the records are kept indefinitely. The City Clerk is responsible for maintaining written minutes of all City Commission meetings, as well as keeping copies of minutes of all other boards and commissions appointed by the City Commission. City "laws" get their start in the City Clerk's office. The establishment of a policy, or a change in State law, may require a change in the City's Code of Ordinances. The Code is the "blueprint" followed by the Otsego Police Department in determining when a citizen is breaking the law and whether a citation should be issued.

The Code of Ordinances contains such things as parking fines, restrictions regarding animals, water and sewer rate and distribution regulations, etc. An ordinance is drafted in the Clerk's office and then presented to the City Commission. The commission considers this ordinance at two separate commission meetings. If adopted the ordinance becomes effective 20 days following its adoption. Copies of the entire Code of Ordinances for the City of Otsego and surrounding communities can be obtained at Municipal Codes.

The City Clerk's office is also responsible for all voter registration and the running of all Local, State, Federal and School elections in the City. Residents may register to vote at the City Clerk's office, or the Michigan Secretary of State's office when obtaining or changing your drivers' license. If you move from your current residence, your voter registration can be automatically changed when you apply for a new driver's license. Prior to any election you have 30 days to register to vote. All election dates can be found on this web site's community calendar.

If you have questions regarding your registration, please call the Clerk's Office.

All permits are issued through the City Clerk's office. Some types of permits which are required are:

  • Permits for Garage Sales
  • Building Permits
  • Electrical Permits
  • Mechanical & Plumbing Permits
  • Applications For Changes In Zoning
  • Special Land Use & Variances
  • Permits To Sell Merchandise Door-To-Door
  • Street Opening Permits

For more information regarding permits contact the office at 692-3391.

Two files are available below. The first file is the Otsego City Charter. This is the guiding document for the structure of the City's government. The second file is a Guide to Municipal Organization and Administration. It provides a general description of how city government works, some of the operational requirements and what boards and commissions are available for volunteer service by community members. If you are interested on serving on one or more of the boards, please let us know and we will keep your name on file for consideration at the next available opening.